Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Premio Meme Award...

Kathy from Three on Food passed along this award to me this morning...what a nice surprise on such a gloomy day! (Thank you SO much, Kathy!) Along with this award, I'm supposed to share seven things about my personality and then pass along the award and meme on to seven other bloggers for them to do the same. I've really enjoyed "meeting" new people from all over the country and am excited to learn even more about some of my fellow bloggers!

1. Family-Oriented--I LOVE my family more than life itself!

2. Determined--I set goals and can't stand when I am unable to achieve them. I swear by my "lists"--I write lists for everything and nothing makes me happier than being able to cross items off as I accomplish different tasks!

3. Patient--I think I've developed a great deal of patience since having my children. Having a rambunctious four year old little boy can be rather challenging at times!

4. Honest--I pride myself on being a very honest individual and expect nothing less from others! Lying is one thing I absolutely despise!

5. Forgiving--I feel as if I've been "tested" plenty over the years, yet I always tend to have a forgiving heart.

6. Concerned--I worry about everything/everyone! This tends to pose a challenge in my line of work, because I find myself getting very emotionally involved with patients and their families.

7. Reserved/Easy-Going--I'm very laid back and tend to come across as being more on the shy side until I get to know people. I typically find that I get along with everyone...well, most everyone! (Do in-laws count?!?!)

I am passing this meme along to the following bloggers:

Sarah from Delectable Dining
Christy from Christy's Kitchen Creations
Amanda from Amanda's Cookin'
Donna from My Tasty Treasures
"Nana" from Nana's Kitchen
Joyce from JustJoycee
Jaime and Jennifer from Jamie and Jen Dish


  1. Rachel,

    Just getting home - it's so nice to already get to read about you!!! I think we have a lot in common!!! It was hard only choosing 7 traits!!!

  2. Thank you so much Rachel for thinking of me.. I certainly enjoyed reading more about you. Thanks once more, I will pass it along in a future post!!

  3. Those are some really great things about you!

    BTW, you are absolutely LOVELY!