Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A very thoughtful blog award...thank you Chrissy!

Do you ever have one of those "blah" days and then all of a sudden something happens that turns it around?!? Well, my husband is out running errands with my son and I'm just home, hanging out with my daughter and decided to pull up my blog while my daughter is practicing walking with her cute little pink walker :) I was pleasantly surprised to see that Chrissy, from A Lil' Dash of Diva had left me a sweet message, letting me know that she had an award waiting for me at her blog. I don't say this enough, but I really appreciate everyone taking the time to look at my blog and for all of the comments that you guys leave! It really meant a lot to me that she thought enough of my blog to make mention of it and pass this award on to me. I, in turn, would like to pass it along to a handful of fellow bloggers! I really do love each and every one of your blogs for different reasons and I apologize that I've been so horrible about leaving comments lately--my computer has been SO slow and when I finally do have a chance to get online, it seems as if one (if not both) of my little rugrats distracts me before I have time to remember to comment! Please don't think it's because I don't care or enjoy your blogs!

Now, onto the awards...

1) Sarah at Delectable Dining--my dear sister who also is currently having a giveaway that I would encourage you all to check out! She is VERY talented (as is her friend, Christy, who is co-hosting this giveaway) and they are EACH giving away 9 hand painted, personalized Father's Day cookies. Trust me...they're very cute!

2) Heidi at Tried-and-True Cooking with Heidi--she's going through a rough time now and while this obviously won't take away her troubles, I was hoping it might cheer her up a bit :) I visit her blog regularly...she has great recipes that are typically easy and economical--two things I really appreciate!

3) Donna at My Tasty Treasures--talk about entertainment value! Her blog always keeps me intrigued--by both her recipes and her commentary! You're always in for a surprise when you visit Donna's blog!

4) Katy from Food for a Hungry Soul--I actually feel like an absolute jerk, because I just realized that I hadn't signed up to publicly follow her blog! I check it often, but she must think I'm the most rude person EVER! I love your blog, Katy and greatly appreciate the fact that you always take the time not only to comment, but to offer suggestions regarding my recipes!


  1. Thank you for the award! :) I needed that today, too!

    Why wouldn't you qualify for our giveaway?

  2. congrats on the award you deserve it

  3. Congratulations on your award, I am a fan. My name is Mary and I am stopping by from SITS and actually hoping to come across a cooking website. Thank you for your blog, I am very excited about this! Now hopefully I can match my fiance in cooking, my skills are nothing compared to his. But I am working on that!

    Thanks again, and I look forward to making all of the great stuff that you have posted.

    Please stop by and say hi whenever you get a chance!


  4. I just stopped by from Nana's blog. You have some delicious looking recipes. I especially like the double chocolate banana bread! (I have a real sweet tooth)

    I'll come back to visit. Congratulations on your award!

  5. Rachel, I am so happy for your award. You have a terrific blog and I LOVE coming here and visiting with you. I've visited you and some of our fellow bloggers so much that I now refer to you as "my friend, Rachel" or my friend so-and-so. It seems we get to know each other through our recipes and what we choose to share about ourselves. The blogging community is just so special and the people who participate make it that way. You are one of those people.

    Rachel, please, NEVER feel badly about not publicly following my blog. I enjoy coming here and visiting with you, and am just as delighted when you can stop by my little dot com in this vast blogosphere and leave a comment. It's all good, GRINS.

    A while back I made the decision not to participate in awards receiving and giving. The fun for me is just sharing my food, swapping stories and recipes, making friends with people who also share my love of food and family. For me there is no greater reward than that.

    Dear Rachel, I am so flattered, and I shall hold your thoughtfulness in my heart.

    Hugs & Blessings,

  6. Rachel, Congrats on your award...well deserved for a lovely blog.

  7. Thank you Rachel for this lovely award. I will pass it along shortly. Congrats to you for receiving it also. You deserve it!!

  8. Congratulations on your award! You deserve it!

  9. Congrats on the award! Don't you love those little pick me ups! You deserve it, you've got a great blog!

  10. Congrats on your award and the lucky recipients! :)

  11. congratulations....stopping by with some SITS love

  12. What a great post. Stopping by from SITS to leave some bloggy love!